The Tale of the Knitted Monks

Congratulations to Rachel for this winning entry to the Young Friends’ Lockdown Story Writing Competition, July 2020

The clock struck 13 as the knitted monks came to life.

The Abbey was silent except for St Faith’s Chapel where the knitted monks began to move. This was the one day each year when the clock struck 13 giving the monks the power to come alive for 1 hour to go on a magical pilgrimage. This magic makes everything look different. The Abbey is transformed to look like how it used to be in Monastic times, with colourful paint depicting scenes from the bible everywhere. The stone pillars become covered in colour, the tombs are decoratively painted, and the ceiling is now alive with colour.

The knitted monks gather around to begin their pilgrimage.

“What should we do this year?” Brother Enoch asks all the monks.

“How about going to ring the bells?” Brother Zachariah speaks up.

“Great idea but remember we all have to be back here by the end of this hour, if we don’t get back we will disappear forever… now, let’s go.” Brother Enoch says as he leads all the monks to the nearest staircase in the Lady Chapel called the night stairs. It takes fifty strong knitted monks to open the door and all the monks jump, startled as they hear a loud creaking sound.

“This door hasn’t been open in while,” Brother Zachariah laughs off his shock.

They make their way up the stairs, with difficulty as they are tiny, towards the belfry. They each grab hold of a rope and begin to ring.

There is a loud crash upstairs. “Help!” One of the monks screams as he loses control of his bell.

“How did you do that?” Brother Enoch asks the monk with a look of confusion on his face.

“I’ve forgotten how to ring it’s been so long,” the monk replies. “Sorry.”

“No, no its fine just try not to ring it like the 2008 Mars Bar advert!”


Brother Zachariah then takes the monk’s bell and begins to ring.

“This bell doesn’t feel right.” Brother Zachariah mutters and stops.

“I’m going to check upstairs and see what has happened to the bell!” Brother Zachariah yells above the sound of the bells.

“Make sure you’re back downstairs in time!” Brother Enoch yells back.

“I will!” Brother Zachariah shouts as he runs up the stairs towards the bells. He quickly finds the bell that was broken as it has a massive crack up the side. The Medieval windlass in the corner had fallen over and hit the bell hard!

Half an hour passes by and Brother Zachariah is still trying to figure out how to fix the bell before the bell ringers notice. But it is getting close to the end of the hour and Brother Zachariah decides to sprint down the stairs before he runs out of time. When he tries to move, he realises his foot is stuck in the bell frame. However much he struggles he can’t get it out…