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The Friends of Tewkesbury Abbey was formed in 1933 by the vicar at that time. Edward Pountney Gough. It exists to assist in caring for the Abbey, in preserving it, together with its goods and ornaments, and in safeguarding it for future generations. The Abbey does not have the status or revenues of a cathedral and depends upon its visitors and friends from all over the world to help with its maintenance..

TEWKESBURY ABBEY, with its massive Norman tower, is one of the finest medieval churches in England. It is as wonderful an example of Norman architecture as can be found anywhere in the country. The townsfolk of Tewkesbury saved the building from destruction by purchasing it for £453 from King Henry VIII in 1540 at the dissolution of the monasteries.

Since 2000 the Friends has provided grants in excess of £2 million for various projects to preserve and enhance the beauty of the Abbey.

Masonry and Roof Repairs
Lighting the Interior
Restoration of the Grove Organ

Our Organisation

Our Purpose
The purpose of the Friends of Tewkesbury Abbey is to assist in maintaining the fabric of the Abbey, and its services and activities, and in adorning it and preserving it, together with its furnishings, vestments and ornaments, for posterity.

The Friends of Tewkesbury Abbey is a registered charity in England and Wales. It is governed by a Council of 18 Trustees: the Vicar and Churchwardens of Tewkesbury Abbey (ex officio), a Chair and Vice-Chair (elected annually), 12 elected Trustees serving terms of 3 years and two representatives from the Abbey’s Parochial Church Council.

Our Operation
The Council of Trustees meets in February, May, September and November each year. The Annual General Meeting is held at the Friends’ Festival in July.

The work of the Friends is carried out through the actions of four Committees:
Finance and Investments
Membership and Communications
Standing Committee
The Friends’ employs a part-time Administrator who also serves as Secretary to the Council.

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