Young Friends

Young Friends of Tewkesbury Abbey

The ‘Young Friends’ branch of The Friends of Tewkesbury Abbey offers FREE membership to children and young people, to give access to

  • special tours
  • activities and events
  • entry to competitions
  • exclusive offers in the Abbey shop

The aim of the Young Friends is to encourage children and young people to make a connection with the Abbey, particularly in terms of the building its immediate environment, so that they can become “stakeholders” in its future.

Membership is open to under 18s. Children and young people under the age of 16 require the signature of a parent or guardian and contact details must be for the adult only – no direct contact will be made to any person under the age of 16.

A Young Friends membership form can be downloaded from this link


The Rogation walk of 2021 took place but because of covid restrictions it was undertaken by small separate groups rather than as a single walk. Here are a few excellent photos taken by Rachel Bagley on her walk. Ruth and Rachel walked from Tewkesbury Park Hotel to Deerhurst over the fields, and back to Tewkesbury via the riverbank path. The route home included a stop at the ice cream cottage in St Mary’s Lane.

Restrictions on Activities are still in place but we hope they will soon be eased. In the meantime here is an Activity sheet for our second virtual Rogation day

Rogation day 2021 Activity sheet

2020 Activities cannot be held at the moment so here are two Activity Sheets for you to use at home…

Activity sheet 1

Activity sheet 2

Activities during 2018-19

Abbey Cleaning

Stained Glass Workshop – August 2019

Lammas Bread Making – 1st August 2019



8 June 2019 – Cleaning the Gage Gates

The Gage gates at the North entrance to the Abbey, so called because they were donated by Lord Gage around 1750, are grade ii listed in their own right so good care must be taken of them.

On the 8th of June some of the Young Friends, with a few adult assistants, did a thorough job of cleaning them.

Even The Friends’ Chairman was to be seen working hard!

And the final result. The Gage gates looking smart in time for the Friends’ Festival in July.

Well done to all involved.

26 May 2019 – Rogation Sunday – Beating the Bounds

Beating the Bounds is an ancient practice possibly dating from Roman times but related to Rogation from the 6th century. In May this year a group of Young Friends set off to Beat the Bounds accompanied by some slightly older Friends to provide directions.

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Fun and friendship during 2017-18

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