Friends’ Zoom Lecture – 13th March 2021

The Friends were very grateful to Dr Andy Moir for sharing the results of recent tree-ring dating of timbers in a number of buildings in Tewkesbury, including the Abbey, in a talk entitled ‘A New Timeline for Tewkesbury?’ which was held via Zoom video conferencing. This was a fascinating talk giving much new information and an insight into the questions and answers raised by scientific investigation.

A group of about 100 individuals assembled on line. The lecture itself was recorded and is available to view below. Dr Andy Moir is introduced by Mrs Patricia Purkiss, Chair of the Friends’ Events Committee. The video may be viewed in a pop-out window – place your mouse on the screen and the pop out box is to the right- or in full screen mode using the arrows icon in the bottom right corner. The video length is 51 minutes.