The Fitzhamon Lecture

The Friends hold an Annual lecture on an appropriate theme. It is named after Robert Fitzhamon (d.1107), the first Norman feudal baron of Gloucester and founder of Tewkesbury Abbey. Reports and resources from the lectures can be found below.

Saturday 24th April 2021 “Hallowing God’s House: The Consecration of the church at Tewkesbury Abbey 1121”

Lecturer: Professor John Harper. This excellent lecture was presented using Zoom video conferencing due to ongoing Covid restrictions preventing gathering together.

For the month of July 2021 the recording of the lecture was made available to Members of the Friends but due to copyright restrictions on the images within the presentation this video cannot be made publicly available.  If any Friends would like to view the lecture they are asked to contact the Friends’ Administrator.

Saturday 27th April 2019 “Tewkesbury’s Benedictine Heritage”

Lecturer: Professor Joyce Hill

A short report on this excellent lecture can be found on this site via this link.

The programme for the evening can be viewed via this link (pdf for viewing within the browser or download)


Saturday 28th April, 2018  “The Founders’ Book: Art, Heraldry and History in Late Medieval Tewkesbury”

Lecturer: Dr. Julian Luxford, Head of Art History, St Andrew’s University

This excellent evening tied in perfectly with the Friends’ visit in December 2017 to view the Founders’ Book at the Bodleian Library in Oxford. Dr. Luxford explained the unique and charming qualities of the document itself, and used it to demonstrate what it told us of life in Medieval Tewkesbury as well as the story of the founding and early history of the Abbey passed down through the monks’ pictures and annotations.

The transcript for the talk can be downloaded from this link, and the accompanying presentation slides, (also as a .pdf file), can be downloaded here. The transcript for the talk indicates where the presentation slides illustrate the lecture. Please note that the pdf file for the slides is a large file (14mb) and may take some minutes to download over some connections.

Thursday 27th April, 2017 “The Secret Life of an Archivist”

Lecturer: Pat Webley, Abbey Archivist

The inaugural Fitzhamon Lecture saw the Abbey Archivist, Mr Pat Webley, sharing some of the fascinating insights and discoveries which he had uncovered during his years working with the wealth of archive material held. A small exhibition of photographs and documents was also held to illustrate the evening.